Are You Stressed Out Trying to Find a Workout Plan That’s Right For You?

Are You Stressed Out Trying to Find a Workout Plan That’s Right For You?

Have you ever felt as though your diet and fitness routine are not producing the results you would like to achieve?

Let’s consider what is going on in the modern fitness industry.

There are thousands of purported gurus online and in local gyms ready to sell anyone willing to listen (and pay) any number of diet and fitness plans, which, if one simply follows, promises to deliver whatever it is the client would like to achieve.

This unfortunately could not be further from reality. In truth, a vast majority of modern exercise programs are simply pieced together to form diet and exercise regiments whose foundational principles contradict each other at nearly every turn.

Welcome to a multi-billion dollar industry which continues to grow by confusing consumers with methods that often do more harm than good and fail to deliver what everyone is chasing; the best possible version of one’s self – physically, mentally and aesthetically.

If there is one core principle that has been lost, it is this; the human body is meant to do one thing and one thing only – it is designed to maximize its survivability.

Muscle shifting – When training, typically people separate engaging fast twitch and slow twitch muscle groups or rarely properly engage fast twitch muscle. In Warrior Athlete Training Method, both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle groups are engaged in a matter of seconds in order for a body to achieve its maximum potential.

Intermittent fasting – Avoid sluggishness during the day, mentally and physically by allowing your digestive system to rest. This does not mean no food, this means, fast assimilating proteins in the morning; soups, salads and/or more protein midday; dinner is your main meal comprised of raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, protein and fuel (carbohydrate OR fat).

Skill specific movement – Martial art, which develops a physical and mental focus, enhancing one’s ability to focus, not only in the immediate, but also in one’s everyday life.

Connecting all three of the aforementioned: Intermittent fasting, muscle shifting and skill specific movement work in unison in order to optimize what we were meant to do – survive, maximally.

-Tim Oas

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