Warrior Athlete

What is the warrior athlete training program?

This unique, yet intense training method combines strength & speed exercises from the martial arts to build a fit and powerful physique.

Warrior Athlete  VS.  Other Methods

The Warrior Athlete training program incorporates martial arts and survival principles that train your body to sustain its strength and increase performance.

This sophisticated method views the body as a whole rather than isolated parts.  The main training objective is to increase the athlete's physical performance & skill, upgrading and enhancing one's physique.

Warrior Athlete Other Training Methods
Muscle Shifting (Combines Strength & Speed Exercises) Separates Cardio & Strength Training
Athletics & Aesthetics Either Aesthetics or Athletics (Separated)
Denser Muscle Soft & Bloated Muscle
Increases Testosterone Levels Depletes Testosterone Levels
Strong & Useful Muscle / Skill Weak & Useless Muscle
Sustainable Lifestyle (Long Term) Unsustainable Lifestyle (Short Term Focus)

What is Somareti?

SOMARETI so·mah·rê·tee /, translated from ancient Greek meaning “body excellence”, is a modern yet ancient philosophy that combines the 4 metaphorical elements of Earth  (Nutrition), Water  (Martial Arts), Air  (Chi Gung/Breathing Meditation) and Fire  (Physical Training) to enhance the mind & body and unlock the quintessential 5th element of Aether  (Spirit).


Ancient philosophy, modern application.

The main philosophy is to train the body as a unit, utilizing a synergy of strength and martial art speed exercises to achieve a harmonious balance between athletic performance and functional muscle.

The warrior athlete program is based on sophisticated exercise physiology principles and cutting edge nutrition taught by Ori Hofmekler, founder and creator of the Warrior Diet & CFT.